Chaplain’s Corner: For The New Year

I hear it often…  “Happy New Year!”  I have given it much thought.  I understand the sentiment, but I must live one moment at a time hoping that their good wishes will take place but knowing that there will still be challenges.  So I face each new day with the hope and good wishes of the time being good and happy…  Still I know that happiness is up to me by the attitude that I set in my own mind and heart…  Happiness is up to me, not up to whatever circumstances that I am facing or involved in during any moment of time nor upon anyone else other than me.

When I pray for you to be blessed or close my messages to you with “Be more greatly blessed!” or “Be even greater blessed!”, I am really wishing and praying for you to be so happy as to be envied by the rest of the world…

So, today I send those sentiments to you again…  I am so thankful for all of you and each of you and so very glad that you are there being who you are and doing what you do or have done that I am hard pressed to use written language to express how much I appreciate you and rejoice in the knowledge that you are there doing what you, all of you and each of you, do so very well in your service to and for all the rest of us!!!  THANK YOU THAT YOU HAVE BEEN THERE FOR US AND MANY OF YOU ARE STILL THERE FOR US!!!  FROM MY POINT OF VIEW, PEACE KEEPERS ARE THE MOST USEFUL AND VALUABLE GROUP OF PEOPLE IN ALL OF CREATION!!!  YOU MAKE THE OPPORTUNITY TO GAIN ALL OTHER THINGS AND TO DO ALL OTHER LAWFUL AND USEFUL THINGS AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE ELSE BY WHO YOU ARE AND BY WHAT YOU DO OR HAVE DONE!!!  THANK YOU!…  THANK YOU!…  THANK YOU!…

January 1 divides us from the responsibilities and opportunities of the previous 365 or 366 days that are called a calendar year.  The government and the laws of income, record keeping and commerce are set up to deal with us in these blocks of time, these individual years.  We even measure our span of life in years.  Events are recorded in relation to calendar dates within each year and accuracy is most important even in peace keeping.  Give the wrong date and you may lose some valuable right or reward….  May lose a court case…  May be charges a penalty…  May even be arrested if the time does not fit a legal obligation!

So time and dates become most important to Peace Keepers as they handle duty and paperwork…  And always remember, THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON FOR GOOD, CLEAR, ACCURATE PAPERWORK IS FOR YOUR PERSONAL BENEFIT…  C Y A…  COVER YOUR POSTERIOR SO THAT YOU WILL NOT LOSE IT TO ERRORS AND THE PROBLEMS CREATED BY THEM!  I carried numerous notebooks, the most important one being loose leaf and pocket size.  That was so that when an attorney asked to see the notes I was testifying from, that I could hand just those particular notes to them…  That way they would not have all other notes in a fixed page notebook to dig through and ask questions on whatever they found.  Being careful is our best protection in all situations.  When I issued a summons for any violation, I turned my copy over and wrote pertinent notes including weather and all other things not covered by blocks on the face of the form.  Many times those notes won my cases because I had answers to questions asked by prosecutors, defense attorneys or the judge.  Time, dates and weather were sometimes very important.

Peace Keepers, may each day of your duty bring you much satisfaction, success and rewards.  May you be even more greatly blessed as you serve.  May you go safely home at the end of each tour of duty.  These are my well wishes and prayers for you.  All of this is accomplished by an attitude of “BEING CAREFUL OUT THERE!”  ALWAYS be alert, watchful, suspicious and wary.  Take the very best care of you as you care for and about others. See to the strength and well being of your spirit as well as all the rest of yourself.  Your spirit must be strong for you to be successful.  All of this is by your own choice…  He has made provision for you but it is up to you to learn it, take it and put it to use for the best results possible.  ALL OF THIS COUNTS THE MOST WHEN YOU GET TO GO HOME SAFELY WHEN THE TOUR OF DUTY IS OVER!!!

Call or write if I may be of any service… Or if you just want to encourage me… Feedback encourages all who write… It helps to know we are reaching someone who reads the message.

Donna is doing still better this week.

Donnie has been laid up with the flu and is some better today.

I am surviving well.

Thank you for responses, care, concern and prayers.  Keep it coming!

As it has always been… So it still is!!!


Training and practice are everything!
Without them, the best results are not obtained!


[My injunction to be safe means doing all you know to do as you do your job… it means doing the best you can with what you have where you are using all your faculties to get the job done well and with good results conquering evil and keeping or restoring peace… it does not mean to avoid duty and honor… it does not mean to cower or allow anything to hinder you in the process of duty according to rules, law and ethics…  it means that if the demand takes your earthly life you destroy as much evil as possible in the process. That is my definition of being safe… doing the best you can and leaving the rest to God or whomever else is responsible… being best employed for the sake and protection of all the things and people that we hold dear.]

I represent, write for… and give the credit to:
God the Father (my Commander-in-Chief),
Jesus Christ the Son (the Eternal Captain of my life) and
the Holy Spirit of God (my Eternal Teacher, Keeper and Guide).
In Christ I live… with Him and for you I serve…
And I rejoice that you are there whether you are Christian or not…
For God, Country and the Peace Keeper…
D. R. (Don) Staton, Chaplain to Peace Keepers,
Surviving Peace Keeper,
Virginia State Police Alumni,
RETIRED Police Officer,
RETIRED Police Instructor,
RETIRED Chaplain Administrator,
Chaplain Emeritus,
Community Service Officer (Traffic Safety),
Virginia Beach Police Dept.
Blackwater Alumni
3709 Beacon Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23452-3501
All rights reserved.   This Message:
Is for Peace Keepers and their loved ones and it may be forwarded with the complete message intact to individuals and web sites…
May not be duplicated in print nor publications without permission….
May not be used in any manner for personal financial gain nor profit
without permission.

Except for quoted material attributed to a specific source, all material in CHAPLAIN CORNER is my personal opinion gained from 49 years of working with people in peace keeping and is not to be construed to represent the policies and opinions of any department with whom I have served or am serving.

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