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Having run into more than a couple brother Masons at SHOT Show, I went back through the archives to find this review. Brother Gordon Spurlock does excellent work and I encourage all Free Masons to seek out his products.

I’ve never reviewed jewelry before, although I have tested and written a few watches. This week though, I was so impressed by the service and product of a gentleman named Gordon Spurlock that I felt the need to share it. Recommended by my good friend, Chief Bill Harvey, Gordon’s Masonic Jewelry specializes in hand-crafted rings serving the fraternity of Free Masonry. On Friday, January 15th I ordered a ring from Gordon, but my experience with the website goes back farther than that. If you’re a part of that fraternity, or even considering petitioning to join it, this might be of interest to you.

Samples of the public safety rings available.

Several months back I saw a post on my FaceBook page recommending Gordon Spurlock’s Masonic Jewelry. The post was placed by a brother Mason and I took a look at Gordon’s webpage. That same day I made the decision to purchase one of his rings and I set up a folder on my laptop wherein I could collect the images of the ring designs he had that I liked best. It took me about two months to narrow my selection down to only eight designs. Being (what I consider to be) patriotic, and having a mixed military / law enforcement background, most of the designs I had selected as possibilities focused on those influences in my life. As you can see from many of the images on this page, Gordon makes rings of many designs and not all of them are Masonic in nature. In my case, I did want one that incorporated Free Masonry as well as some other segment of my life. My final decision was the ring shown above 2nd from the left: the shield shaped face with a black background and the thin blue line. This memorializes all fallen law enforcement professionals – and I don’t ever want to forget their sacrifice. Inlaid on top of that is the familiar square and compass logo of Free Masonry. Also shown above are several samples of Gordon’s public safety designs (more are farther down). It’s important to realize that this is a small sampling of the designs Gordon has available.

Samples of the Fire and EMS designs.

On Gordon’s webpage it says that delivery may take as much as six to eight weeks and that patience after ordering is mandatory. I figured that since it took me that long to figure out which one I wanted I could wait at least that long for him to produce the ring I ordered. Several times on his webpage he mentions how important it is that a proper ring size be given with the order. Resizing steel rings isn’t easy. So, if you’re considering ordering one of these as a surprise for a boyfriend or husband, his advice is don’t. Getting the wrong size means long delays and added fees in resizing. I visited a local jewelry store and had my finger measured so I knew what size to order.

Samples of his military masonic designs.

On Friday, January 15th I placed my order online. I had selected my design (mm-132) and knew my ring size (12). The cost of the ring was $99 plus shipping and handling, the sum of which was $105.99. As I placed my order I was thinking that if I actually got it in six weeks it would come in around the time of my birthday and what a great present to myself that would be. I received an email confirmation of my order almost as soon as I’d placed it. Two hours after I received the email confirmation I received an email from Gordon himself letting me know he’d do his best to have it done and shipped in two weeks or less. That email was quite a surprise to me. I was expecting a six to eight week wait – and here I was getting an email from the jeweler himself stating a ship date in two weeks or less. I was impressed and pleased.

Other design samples.

Now this is the really good part. On Monday, January 18th I traveled to Las Vegas for SHOT Show. I returned on Saturday, January 23rd. Upon my arrival home I found a padded shipping envelope waiting for me. Inside it was my ring – I forgot to check the post mark but obviously it had taken him less than two weeks since it had only been eight days since I had placed the order. Having been prepared to wait as much as eight weeks and then being told he’d do his best to get it out in two and then having received it in one week… I was overwhelmed. I had been eagerly waiting its arrival and here I was waiting a LOT less than expected. With that thought in mind I opened the envelope, removed the documentation that had my ring in a small zip-lock bag stapled to it and removed the ring from the bag. I tried it on and it fit perfect. Examining it as best I could with my naked eye I could find no tool marks or blemishes. I was more than happy with it.

One of the pieces of documentation I received said:

Thank you for the order. This ring was made by me on my grinder out of a solid piece of Stainless Steel. No two rings ever come out just alike nor are any of them perfect, but I do the best I can on each ring. The emblems are mounted on with Loctite’s structural adhesive ($60 a tube) and should never come off, but once in awhile for some unknown reason one comes off. If this happens I will replace it. Most of my business is by word of mouth and if you like the ring please let others know.

I was amazed to see that this ring, sans the emblem, was manufactured from a single piece of stainless steel. The finish on it was quite smooth and well polished. Having been milled from a single block of steel the strength was assured. That he would replace the emblem if it ever fell off speaks to his dedication to customer service and satisfaction. I was getting more impressed by the minute.

But Masonic rings aren’t the only rings that Gordon makes. Using that same “single chunk of steel” design, Gordon also designs and creates a plethora of rings covering a wide variety of professions and the rings don’t have any indication of Masonic affiliation (for those of you who aren’t Free Masons).


As you can see from the above assortment, Gordon also makes a ring for every branch of service: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard. The below images show some other military-oriented designs he makes that are more individualized or stylized. One thing is for sure: the man has a lot of talent and invests himself in what he creates for his customers.

So, from start to finish my experience with Gordon’s Masonic Rings was awesome. The selection is splendid and if you can’t find a design you like or simply want something custom done, give him a shout. It’s nothing he hasn’t done before. The images you see in this review are actually only a few of those available. For a full view of his catalogs visit:

There’s a Catalog 3 page but the images are all dead and I don’t think it’s a line he’s currently producing. If I find out different, I’ll advise.

This is a product I can (and do) HIGHLY recommend.

Stay Safe!


  1. Paul Daniels

    December 12, 2011 at 18:12

    Gordon Spurlock makes beuatiful rings with a master craftsmans touch. Hes a very nice and fraternal brother who i believe wouldve been that way even if he was not in the fraternity, us as freemasons are all the better for this brother to truly grace us with his presence. Believe me he WILL definately call and talk to you if needed and is truly a blessing as a man of God. I just recieved a ring from him my wife boight that was exactly what i expected, high quality, fine craftsmanship and low key. “Behold, how good and pleasant for brothers to dwell together in unity”. Truly a pleasure, Paul. A. Daniels.

  2. Ron Berry

    December 12, 2011 at 18:44

    Your Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers ring looks good. I am a senior chief. Do You offer this ?

  3. Frank Borelli

    December 12, 2011 at 19:14

    Go to Gordon’s website using one of the links in the review. Contact him directly. I’m sure he does but New American Truth does not sell these rings. We simply had some experience with his product and can highly recommend them!

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