New American Truth is an internet based electronic magazine (emagazine). The premier issue was released January 2, 2007, and the last June of 2011. The website is maintained to publish the new articles and information that would be published in the magazine, but through the website we can provide more information in a more timely fashion.

What is the “New American Truth”?

Since the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, America has been living with a New Truth. Some have denied it; some have embraced it; none of us likes it very much. So, what is this New Truth?

The New Truth is that America and all of her citizens are vulnerable every day.

The New Truth is that America and all of her citizens are the target(s) of religious zealots, both foreign and domestic, who wish us harm simply for having a different set of beliefs.

The New Truth is that America can only be truly secure if all Americans are vigilant, aware, observant, ready to speak out and act as necessary against suspicious or dangerous activities they see.

The New Truth is that while criminals and terrorists may not be afraid of America, they ARE afraid of Americans!

Here’s why in a question:
Q: How long has it taken America to respond to the attacks of nine-eleven?
A: We still are five years later.
Q: How long did it take Americans to respond to the attacks of nine-eleven?
A: Flight 93.

This website is dedicated to ALL who are interested in:

  • Maintaining a healthy vigil against those who would do us harm
  • Developing proper disaster recovery and mitigation protocols
  • Defending liberty and standing up against injustice
  • Refusing to be a victim of any criminal or terrorist
  • Staying informed, educated and open-minded about defense & preparedness topics
  • Perform any type of public safety work
  • Perform any type of military service work
  • Have done either of the above
  • Support those who do or have done either of the above

We’d like to thank you in advance for your support in this endeavor.

When informed about New American Truth eMagazine, Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, acclaimed author of On Combat, On Killing and Stop Teaching Our Kids To Kill, had these comments:

Since 9-11 there has been a great desire in Americans to reach back into our roots, to move back to the days when every American was required to provide security for themselves, their family, and their community.

As John Farnam pointed out in his online column: in 1636 an exasperated General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony unanimously passed an ordinance that said, “Whereas many complaints have been made to this Court, of the greatest neglect of all sorts of people of using the lawful and necessary means for their safety, especially in this time of so great danger from Indians, it is therefore ordered that no person shall travel above one mile from his dwelling without arms; upon pain of twelvepence for every default”.

It is interesting that going unarmed was scornfully referred to as neglectful. Protecting oneself was not just a personal responsibility, it was a duty to the community! A community that needed the contributions of every able-bodied person. In fact, for over a century after the danger from hostile Indians was eliminated, there was no suggestion that this ordinance be repealed. A century and a half later, those people were the leaders of the armed rebellion that created the United States!

We are moving back to that era. There was a day when America was a nation of sheepdogs, and we are going back to that. Our ancestors had their feet planted in bloody soil, and they knew something we have forgotten … but “New American Truth” is just what we need to help us remember.

Good luck on this worthy endeavor!