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Perfect Survival Knife?

Posted on 22 April 2014

Fixed blade knives, folding knives, “survival” knives, combat knives… all kinds of knives. For all that I have yet to find what, in my egotistical mind, is the perfect survival knife; that is, the knife I’d consider optimal if it was the ONLY knife I could have.

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How Big is Big Enough?

Posted on 10 April 2014

I am also aware that there are some respected and recognized survival experts who claim that a big blade is rarely if ever needed and that a small cutting tool is better to have. It’s lighter, can handle a wide variety of cutting chores and is easier to keep about your person.

A Knife: Your Single Most Important Survival Tool?

Posted on 01 April 2014

Yes – I believe a knife is your single most important survival tool. To get the most out of it you need to identify your expectations before you buy.

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ALL Survival Gear Is Personal

Posted on 01 April 2014

Each “expert” had their own feelings and opinions, all based on their own knowledge and background. The one thing we all truly agreed on by the end of the conversation was this: ALL survival gear is personal.

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The Facebook “Flash & Slash 500″ Fan Drive

Posted on 31 July 2012

New American Truth, in an effort to boost our fan following on Facebook, is announcing this promotion. No purchase is necessary. Must be 18 and reside in one of the fifty United States to win.

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Experience Nature From A Primeval Perspective

Posted on 22 May 2012

Experience your time in nature from that primeval perspective. Enjoy it all you can as a human animal. Once you get “back to the world” then the experience is limited, if not (temporarily) lost. Enjoy it while you can!

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Knive versus Gun

Posted on 24 November 2011

Okay, on the surface, it’s an insane statement: if I have to fight someone, hand to hand, I’d rather be armed with a knife than a gun. However, if you take time to think about it, it makes perfect sense. For me, this revelation came while I was attending an Instructor course on the “Tactical […]

Every-Day-Carry Spring Upgrades?

Posted on 07 April 2011

As I considered this topic – like so many do – I started out thinking about what I DO carry each day when I leave my house and it’d be easy enough to list, put in pictures, etc – and we’ll get to that. But what I thought we might discuss that is so often […]

Knives, ‘hawks, multi-tools, etc

Posted on 25 August 2009

Welcome to the Edged Tools category.  Please use this section to post any comments, questions or discussion about knives, hatchets, saws, multi-tools, tomahawks, etc.

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