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Solutions to Three Problems from Under Armour

Posted on 23 July 2014

Under Armour has been pushing fabric technology for some time now, and the UA innovations have implications for law enforcement like they do for any other outdoors activity. Here let’s take a look at three problems that Under Armour has solved for us, one through design and two with innovative fabric technologies.

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Summer Options From 5.11 Tactical

Posted on 16 July 2014

Carrying a gun — let alone all the gear that being on-duty requires — in plain clothes in the summer heat can be a real “challenge” (which is the polite word).

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WINDSTOPPER Patrol Soft Shell from Forum Industries

Posted on 16 July 2014

The WINDSTOPPER® Patrol Soft Shell has quickly become one of my favorite jackets. The outer shell is a stretch nylon and the backer/liner is fleece. One thing I really like about the fleece backer is it covers the entire inside of the jacket to include the sleeves and collar.

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Smith & Wesson Range Jacket: Field Review

Posted on 15 July 2014

The new line of clothing for S&W includes performance shells and pants, as well as more stylish gear for concealed carry and plain-clothes assignments, for both men and women. I’ll be reviewing the men’s Range Jacket here (which is very similar to the more military-styled Shooting Jacket). But first: just what should a jacket optimized for concealed carry do?

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Carhartt for Concealed Carry

Posted on 09 July 2014

If your objective when working or carrying off-duty is to remain below the radar, to show no indicators that you’re a cop or armed, then plain clothes is what you need. I mean “plain” in the ordinary sense of the word. The tactical “plain” clothes that have hit our industry like a storm over the last decade are not actually “plain.”

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TRU-SPEC Tactical Response Uniform (TRU)

Posted on 09 July 2014

With input from several tactical officers around the country, including members of the Department of Homeland Security’s ICE SRT team in San Diego, Tru-Spec has added several proprietary design improvements to its TRU aimed at improving functionality, durability and comfort in the field.

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CCW Breakaway Pants

Posted on 19 March 2012

The heart of this pant design is the holsters that are designed into the front pockets. Both pockets are specifically stitched to hold a handgun in place and they have adjustment straps to help adjust fit. I received two test pair of these pants, one in Navy Blue the other in OD Green, and have worn them as part of my regular attire for a couple months now.

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TRU-SPEC Xtreme Uniform

Posted on 12 December 2011

All in all I was very impressed with the uniform and I’m glad to have it as part of my field wear. If you have use for multi-cam pattern uniforms and the pocket/design features suit your needs, I recommend the TRU-SPEC highly.

Bass Pro Shops Concealed Carry Vest

Posted on 24 October 2011

A CC vest needs structure so that it drapes effectively over the gun without printing, and so that it actually moves out of the way during the draw stroke (a flimsy garment doesn’t do this reliably). And obviously it needs to be long enough to cover the gun (many vests aren’t).

5.11 Tactical TacDry Rain Shell

Posted on 15 August 2011

With any outer garment, when you start adding in pockets and overlaps, you inevitably add more fabric which means more weight. In doing so it’s possible to make something as light as a windbreaker heavier than necessary. Another challenge often found is that when you design and manufacture a “rain coat” the very material that […]

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