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A Contemporary Sporty Belt Rig

Posted on 24 April 2014

He also brought a “western” belt that went with the revolvers that had cartridge loops (which made no sense to me for a black powder gun) and a knife sheath. It made me start thinking: this is a belt and revolvers from 150 years ago. Is there something comparable today? Not exactly, unless you get it custom made, BUT – you can build your own with completely contemporary materials.

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Salvaging Surplus Knives

Posted on 23 April 2014

That article spawned a conversation about knives and how old they had to be before you replaced them. I didn’t realize that AGE determined service life (I guess it does in we humans). So, I set about finding an old beat up surplus knife or bayonet that I could salvage for current use. My son showed up at home with an ugly worn and abused M3 Trench Knife. It was the perfect piece to work with. You should see it now.

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Surplus LCE

Posted on 23 April 2014

In today’s economy it can be difficult to pay for the day-to-day necessities much less have any dollars left over to pursue recreational outdoor activities. Let’s face it: sometimes the gear is just plain expensive. Top-of-the-line anything doesn’t come cheap or even “cost effective.”

Henry AR-7 .22lr Survival Rifle

Posted on 23 April 2014

I knew plenty of other guys my age that would have pretty much fit the same jesting description. Here I am, some number of years later though, and some of the knowledge and equipment I picked up back then still serves me well today. One item that I’m no longer in possession of, but that I recently had the opportunity to revisit, is my AR-7 “Survival” rifle. At the grand old age of 18 I had purchased mine, justifying the purchase to myself as “necessary so that I had protection and hunting capability if I got lost hiking or camping.”

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5.11 Tactical Zone Assault Pack (ZAP6)

Posted on 22 April 2014

All-in-all, this is yet another well thought-out piece of kit from 5.11, and you can see the input of a battery of experts in its design and features.

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Bones-Small Knife from Buck Knives

Posted on 21 April 2014

When I took the Bones out of the package I immediately commented on how tiny it was. I then heard a familiar voice on my left say something you never want to hear when you’re thinking about the coefficient of coolness for a new piece of kit. It was my wife saying, “Oh, that’s cute.”

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Companion Sidearms for the Great Outdoors

Posted on 21 April 2014

I am not suggesting that handguns are the end all be all for carrying a gun for protection when in the wilderness. I happen to like my long guns too (and we’ll discuss a few of those as appropriate below), but for hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing, etc. it’s often good to have a “companion” along that is more comfortable to carry, less obtrusive, and better than trying to spit on that unfriendly critter or potential food source.

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Waistpacks For Hiking

Posted on 21 April 2014

I was recently cleaning out the two large Rubbermaid containers that I keep all of the family camping gear in and I came across three waist packs. These packs were originally purchased for a camping trip my wife and I took with our daughter about ten years ago – before our youngest son was even […]

LMF II Survival Knife from Gerber

Posted on 21 April 2014

If you’re down range or on a tactical team and looking for a great fixed blade knife for your kit, the LMF II was designed for you. It comes in foliage green, black, and coyote brown.

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Swiss Army Soft Grip Tinker

Posted on 18 April 2014

This IS a good pocket knife that offers far more than your typical “nail cleaning” pocket knife. Take a look at that list of tools again and realize how much more you can do.

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