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AquaLung Swim Gear

Posted on 19 July 2010

Editor’s Note: This review was originally published in December 2005. Since that time this gear has been used seasonally and continues in use today. As I pulled it out of my storage container the other day it dawned on me that any gear that lasts five years and is still serviceable needs to be revisited. […]

Some New Scuba Toys for 2009

Posted on 03 August 2009

I’ve been enjoying the sport of scuba diving since 1987 when my best friend and I got certified. It’s an activity I certainly don’t get to do enough – even though my wife is now also certified and we can make the trips together. Still, I stay subscribed a couple scuba magazines and I drool […]

Tusa FK 220 Dive Knife

Posted on 22 December 2008

Yes, I know. It’s still December and it just snowed in Vegas. Obviously global warming isn’t quite the problem Al Gore would like for all of us to believe, even though it appears President Elect Obama has bought into it hook, line and sinker. Perhaps Gore and Obama simply need to relax? I recommend that […]

A Touch of Summer

Posted on 08 December 2008

Well, as I type this here in Maryland it’s a balmy 43° out and the brisk breeze doesn’t do a lot to make you feel toastier. As I sat earlier in the week to consider what this week’s recreational review would be about my wife came in and started showing me some articles in the […]

Some SCUBA "What's New?"

Posted on 02 June 2008

Each year the industry changes; although the water never seems to. The biggest challenge for most scuba divers is to find enough time to get in the water! Still, once you’ve found the time, and reviewed your budget for new gear, what do you get? First and foremost you get what you NEED. What’s worn […]

Recreational Christmas Wish List 2007

Posted on 03 December 2007

As much as I can discipline myself to ask for gifts that will help me do my job, I’d far prefer to ask for stuff that is just fun to have – or helps me increase my fun during activities I enjoy off-duty. Having spent disciplined time creating a WORK wish list, I felt like […]

Cochran Dive Computer

Posted on 10 September 2007

You know, every time I hear or read the name “Cochran” I think of a fictional Star Trek character who invented warp drive. Yeah, I’m a Trekkie. What amazed me was how something so complicated could be made to function with such ease of operation. The same is true of the Cochran EMC-20H Dive Computer: […]

New SCUBA Gear for 2007

Posted on 28 May 2007

With spring having arrived several weeks ago, I’ve had that “go get in the water” itch. My wife (usual dive buddy) and I have been into the local dive shop several times. The itch is getting worse. I was in there today chatting with the owner / operator about some new gear that’s been released […]

Preparing For The Summer Scuba Season

Posted on 02 April 2007

The last time I was in the Florida Keys for some diving was in December of 2004. I was told at that time that the week after Christmas – the last week of December – was the busiest dive week of the entire year for the Florida Keys. At my local dive shop here in […]

Build Your Regulator & Console

Posted on 07 August 2006

In any profession where someone uses equipment to support, defend or protect their life, the selection of that equipment is an intensely personal choice. Millions of pages of reports can say that such-and-such piece of gear is the best, but if the person using it doesn’t have 100% confidence in it, then they will still […]

Surviving the Zombies Kindle Edition

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