Thank you for your interest in providing content to our publication. We look forward to working with you to provide the best information possible to all those who would resist crime, terrorism or injustice.


1) Articles may be submitted by any person with an interest in promoting the security of our country.

2) All articles must be original works. All research material should be referrenced and properly credited.

3) Articles must be submitted in plain text (*.txt), Rich Text (*.rtf) or MicroSoft Word (*.doc) format.

4) Articles must have a Title.

5) Articles must be a minimum of 700 words, with a maximum word count of 2,500 words. If your article word count exceeds 2,500 words, please email the Editor with a brief overview of your article and why a higher word count is necessary to address the topic covered. Put the words “article over 2,500 words” in the subject line of the email to make sure that it’s appropriately addressed.

6) When submitting an article for the first time, an author biography must be attached as a separate document in one of the formats specified in #3 above. Biographies should give a clear and concise overview of the author’s background and expertise in the article subject covered. Biographies should not exceed 250 words and may be edited for length if the subject article is published.

7) All works submitted become the property of New American Truth eMagazine and may be used on whatever schedule deemed most beneficial to the publication and the reading public.

8) Unless otherwise agreed upon prior to publication, no compensation shall be paid for any article submissions, published or otherwise.

9) All submitted articles shall be emailed to

10) If a submission is a collaborative work, biographies for all writers to be credited shall be forwarded in compliance with #6 above.

11) If a collaborative work is submitted under a single author’s name, it is the responsibility of that author to secure authorization by the other involved authors / contributors to use their work without publication credit. New American Truth eMagazine accepts no responsibility or liability for non-credited collaborative works.

Acceptable topics are:
– Home Disaster Preparedness
– Emergency Transportation
– School / Work Safety Development
– Preparedness Education
– Immigration Reform / Border Security
– Personal Safety Awareness / Preparedness
– Personal / Home Defense
– True Stories from environmental disasters (hurricanes, etc)
– Frontline Stories from law enforcement, firemen, soldiers, other public safety / service
– “Can They Be That Stupid?” A section dedicated to highlighting how stupid criminals and potential terrorists can be. All submissions for this section MUST be original and not reprinted material from other publications.

Photographs / Images:

1) All photographs / images submitted must be a minimum of 300dpi resolution at 4″x6″ in size.

2) New American Truth eMagazine will accept images in the following formats: *.jpg, *.gif, *.tif, *.psd.

3) All photographs / images submitted must be accompanied by information regarding:

  • The title of the article they support;
  • The photographer / artist who took or created the image for credit;
  • The date and time photograph was taken if possible;
  • Company name associated with photographer / artist

4) If any of your photos include a person or people, you need to provide proper identifying information for them, i.e. name, rank, agency, etc.

5) Each photo or image submission needs to include a recommended or suggested caption.

If you have any questions regarding the submission of artwork, please email our Production Director using the words “artwork submission query” in the subject line.