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Law Enforcement Militarization

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Last week I got an email asking me my opinion about the militarization of law enforcement today.  Then a few days ago I saw an article in the Wall Street Journal about the same topic.  It seems that some people are concerned about the creation of a police state through the steady evolution of police and sheriff’s officers/deputies into domestic soldiers.  The timing for the email and the article (for me) were perfect because I’ve been working on a project that centers around this very subject, and here’s my quick, simple response as to whether or not it’s a concern:  Not at all.  As long as our law enforcement professionals operate under the controls of the Constitution, it doesn’t matter how they dress or what equipment they use.  Let me explain… Read the full story

Blessed Are The Peace Makers…

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Let me start by saying that I’m not a Chaplain. At one point I was called upon to step up and fulfill that role in an organization. I was honored and agreed and then was relieved of that duty when a veteran chaplain joined the organization and took those responsibilities. And I make no secret about the fact that I am a human with all too many faults. I certainly swear, enjoy a good cigar now and then, and drink the rare beer. I think unforgiving thoughts and the good Lord knows I appreciate viewing the female form from both a sexist and artistic point of view (that’s all I can do is look, or “read the menu”. In the words of my wife, “you can read the menu but you’d better not eat, order, play with or pay for the food). Still, I was watching a program not long ago that had as its main theme the crossover that exists between those who salvage souls and those who protect souls. The difference between men of the cloth and men of the badge is often not very much.

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Chaplain’s Corner: Our World

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I sit here today and contemplate why I need to start. One of my new meds makes me want to sleep all the time. It also combines with the eye drops to make me feel weak so that my legs do not want to climb stairs. When I am awake, my left eye is in some state of discomfort, so sleeping helps me escape that. Spending a lot of time in my recliner contributes to so much comfort and the desire to sleep steals over me so secretly that it makes for a very pleasant day… Until the fluid pills fill my bladder to discomfort and it must be emptied. When I start moving around my dogs start moving too, and then we may wind up snaking on a sandwich or something… Then we all usually return to resting. Read the full story

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