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ALL Survival Gear Is Personal

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In the past few months I’ve found myself involved in a number of discussions about what is “best” for particular types of survival related gear.  Who makes the best shelter?  What is the best sleeping bag?  Is there a “best” knife?  If so, who makes it and what model is it?  What’s the “best” all-around rifle for survival?  Is there a “best” food supply or source?  What’s the “best” hydration system? filtration system? clothing supplier?  Th one constant through all of these discussions was disagreement.  Each “expert” had their own feelings and opinions, all based on their own knowledge and background.  The one thing we all truly agreed on by the end of the conversation was this:  ALL survival gear is personal. Read the full story

LEDWAVE PEL-6 Secutor Flashlight

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Update Your EDC Annually

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I can’t begin to tell you how many articles I’ve read or seen about what someone’s Every Day Carry (EDC) includes.  Many of them are pushing a particular product that you should include – and, believe it or not, it just happens to be a product they sell.  Others espouse carrying a particular item or tool that they happen to provide training in the use of.  Go figure.  My question in this article is a bit more basic – and I’m not trying to sell anything.  When was the last time you reviewed the items that are a part of your EDC to see if you needed to update anything? Read the full story

The Streamlight TLR-1 HL Weapon Light

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Long time readers know that I am a huge fan of having, being trained with and controlling a handheld powerful flashlight.  Being able to conveniently mount that light onto a gun – handgun, rifle or shotgun – only adds to its potential versatility and value.  While I’m not normally a fan of having a handgun mounted light, there are certainly applications for such (SWAT, K9, military, etc) and I’d never argue with a person who felt that having a light mounted on their handgun for home- or self-defense was necessary.  All that said, I recently was able to test the Streamlight TLR-1HL which has proven quite handy. Read the full story

What’s In Your Carried Survival Tool Kit?

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Everyone has a different idea of what a “tool kit” is and you can find a plethora of articles on “every day carry.”  My wonderment, as brought up by a conversation I had yesterday, is what preppers or survivalists carry each day that they consider essential for their survival.  The bigger question, for me, is what they think they should be carrying but don’t due to legal restrictions (weapons), convenience (bulkiness) or perception (how would people look at them). Read the full story

Oh Crap Gear

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Long time readers know that I have, in the past, written several articles about Bugout Bags, Go Bags, Trunk Kept Go Bags and assorted other articles on related topics. This past week I was presented with an interesting hypothetical: what if you couldn’t take a bag? What if all you had was what you were WEARING and your guns. What would that consist of? Naturally this is radically different depending on what environment you are, or you expect to be, in. Still, it seemed an interesting enough challenge to contemplate that I thought I’d share. Read the full story

Become A Renaissance Survivalist

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As I read various articles and blogs about survival preparation, planning, preparedness, etc. it occurs to me that each writer, including myself, holds a greater expertise in certain areas of preparedness and survival than in others. I know… “Duh!” right? What would I expect? Everyone has that which they have mastered to a greater extent and those skills that they still need to practice. It is human nature, I believe, to prefer to practice that which we are already good at and to neglect, to some extent, the things we aren’t as good at. Why? Because we naturally don’t like failure and when we practice the things we’re not as particularly skilled at, we don’t do them as well… leaving us feeling a greater sense of failure than when we efficiently and neatly accomplish another skill set we’re far better at. Read the full story

Survival One-Hit Wonder Bag

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The creativity level of people who are trying to sell something never ceases to amaze me.  Manufacturers, vendors, bloggers, etc… they all seem capable of coming up with a new spin on why you need something they’ve got.  I’m as guilty as the next guy: I try to sell my books and certainly this website makes a few dollars from advertising (enough to keep us up and running anyway).  For all that, I still believe that basic preparedness and survival starts, first and foremost, with YOU and your knowledge.  I also firmly believe that survival and preparedness are two different things. Read the full story

Over-The-Road Travel Preparedness

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I have to confess that I’d rather drive than fly every day of the week and twice on Sunday.  As a retired police officer holding a LEOSA certification card that allows me to legally carry a concealed sidearm nationwide- except in federal buildings and on planes – I LIKE driving.  Due to the location of my residence, it’s usually more time efficient for me to drive rather than fly if the drive is eight to ten hours or less.  (Two hours to the nearest airport for me, plus check in, clearing security, etc, boarding, flight time, getting off the plane, getting baggage, securing rental car, etc.) Read the full story

5.11 Tactical Zone Assault Pack (ZAP6)

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Reviewed by Ralph Mroz

5.11 has been making some off-body concealed carry bags the last couple years that meet my definition of “beyond discreet”; that is, they contain no MOLLE, do not look tactical, and are available in non-tactical colors.  In other words, they look completely innocent, blend in to any environment, and do not draw any attention to themselves.  These are the kind of invisible or “gray” packs that you want to carry your weapons and gear in if you have to carry off-body while off-duty or undercover, or even in many plain-clothes assignments (such as narcotics work). Read the full story

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