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Women and Self-Defense

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In some recent reader feedback it was called to my attention that our website sometimes seems to be aimed at “the strong American male” and often neglects or seems to downplay the value of the strong American female.  Additionally, the observation was made that some of our articles addressing outlook, tactics, personal defense and more sometimes seem aimed at the males and neglect, to some extent, our female readership.  The emailers point was this:  Preparedness and a patriotic outlook are not the sole purview of MEN.  Quite often, women would benefit from preparedness and personal defense skills MORE than the men in their lives.  Having sat back to contemplate that feedback I realized that the reader was right.  When I’m writing it is frequently done from the mental position of “talking to the boys” or, when citing someone else’s words, “what one of my brother warriors said.” Read the full story

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